Sub surface servitude question for Louisiana

Can sub surface servitude potentially cause the loss of mineral rights to the land owner through conveyance? Is there a legitimate cause to add that on a seperate section to the lease and state that those rights will continue even though the lease term has expired?

If the lands located within the 2 sections are not contiguous, then a problem develops. If you can answer that, I might be able to give a better answer.

Buddy Cotten

Thanks for your response. The lands are next to each other and will be a part of a 640 unit pooled area. Please define contiguous as you are meaning it above. Again, thanks for responding.

My pleasure:

Contiguous means having a property line or a portion thereof in common. (or part of a line. Something more than a point).

An example would be the SW/4 of Section 1 and the SE/4 of Section 2.

Buddy Cotten

Yes, we own two properties butted against each other but there are other persons surrounding our property line.