Sub surface mineral and natural gas and oil rights

Does anyone know what rights mineral/gas and oil rights someone has when it come to gravel mines for construction? This would be in the state of Colorado. Thanks Carolyn


That should be spelled out on your Mineral Deed. I suspect most are written similarly, in that everything below the surface is owned by deed: "...the undersigned does have, own and claim to be the owner of an undivided interest in and to the oil, gas, coal, clay, gravel, uranium and all other minerals of any kind and nature, unless otherwise noted, underlying the real estate described below..." So, if gravel is being mined beneath the surface, that is just one of the minerals usually owned by deed; oil, gas, sulfur, coal, clay, uranium and scoria, and other ore containing fissionable materials, etc... are typically included, unless otherwise noted in the deed.

You may want to get in touch with the County Register of Deeds in the particular county you're speaking about and see exactly what the deed says.