Story for the forum - title curing in North Dakota

I recieved a call back in 2008 from a landman who asked me if I owned land in ND. I told the man that I had vacationed in ND a few year back but that was it. He asked some more personal questions and it turned out that my grandfather had bought some mineral deeds back in 1951. I told the guy to send me the lease and I would look it over. He sent me a check and offered up a 3/16 royalty on a 3 year lease. I cashed the check and forgot about it.. Last month I got a call from a woman who is doing some title work and she said she had some title issues to clear up because they drilled the well and Newfield Production will be sending some money my way. She said I and the rest of the family members would have to do a probate in ND. Would we as a family have to do this to cure the title to these deeds? Thanks in advance for your replies..


From what you have said, it sounds like that you need to contact an oil and gas attorney in that area to make sure that the right documents are filed if this action is required. Since there is already production taking place, I would not hesitate to take immediate action regarding this matter. Your name must already be on file at the County Clerk office since you were contacted by a landman. Since it sounds like there are multiple family members, this might turn into a matter better handled by an attorney.