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Just got a lease offer for interests in Sec 147 at $75/acre, 3yrs, 20% from Omni Petroleum. Anyone know them or what's going on? They say they're planning to drill not flip.

Had received an offer for 2 yrs, 18.75%, $65 per acre. Say they are not flipping, will drill themselves. Will probably ask for longer term, better royalty and/or bonus. Only own about 5 net mineral acres.... section 271 or 272 .....

Hi Grant,

Who did you get the offer from?

3T Exploration I think is their name.

I'm beginning to think there are more oil companies than there is oil!

Has anyone received a lease offer in Throckmorton County, TX.

Throckmorton not listed in TX county list.

I just received one from Bear......

I guess Montague County is more promising as far as oil& gas activity.

Bonus offers are much higher.

I am looking for someone to lease and drill my property. I am 1/2 mile off Fisher in Stonewall.

Did you know that there is a new well going in is the county by 610.

There is a group of ranchers working on a deal for $500/AC at 20%. a tract of >8,000AC. I hope that they get it, but I would rather make my own deal.


Robert- Do you know who the ranchers are leasing to? What formation are these companies chasing over here?

We are working with three group. Still have another 30 days with 2 of them.

No, (eastern shelf maybe) but it is about 7500 ft deep

Looks like stonewall has gone cold on the oil business.

So you never leased Robert? Had any calls lately?

It went cold in February. How is it with you?

I am the same boat - no one has leased my minerals as of yet. I have heard that activity is slowing down in quite a few areas, not just Stonewall. i guess we will just have to wait and see...


Do you live in Stonewall? Which part is your property in?


I live in Dallas. We have minerals scattered in Stonewall but the majority is around Peacock. Do you live in Stonewall?


No, I live in Dallas Also (small World). We are closer to Rotan. Was this your grand parents place I have been up to Peacock a couple of times. It looks like it was a neat town once upon a time.