Stone Turtle

Any more info on the Stone Turtle agreement. It seems to be hush - hush.

what is it???? I have many minerals there and part of 5 wells; never heard of it??

Scroll down in this article to “Bakken Three forks Trend” Poplar west Montana

A red flag is the statement about “formation of the unit would establish a 5yr primary lease terms on all lease holds”


Dctex99, We are leased with Fort Worth. The sent out some kind of agreement in July. I have chosen to ignore it due to concerns regarding the statement below. I posted Bakken Shale group & it was confirmed that, in part, these agreements are a strategy to extend leases without paying renegotiating with the mineral owner.

I agree, they were hoping oil prices would be back by that time! I have an expensive lease that is 1 1/2 years into a 3 year lease, CONTINENTEL should have asked for a 5 year and now not likely a turnaround and permitting a well in the next year and a half so they may release at ANOTHER $1500 anacre!