Stolen mineral rights

My father passed away in 1992 i was a minor in 1993 my uncle filed a false affidavit of heirship stating my father has 0 childrenhowever my father has two children and one was adopted out. That leaves me as the only heir to his property All these years i did not know about the mineral rights up until last Dec.2019 the uncle died in 2016 and so i dont know how to recover my fathers mineral rights as legally mine.

You have a complicated fact pattern for which you will need to hire an experienced attorney to evaluate the case after some additional relevant facts are developed. Please note that in some states a child who is adopted can inherit from his birth parents.

agree with sclausen. What is important is the state where the property?

I need to say i want to share equally with my brother he is the first person ive notified .Not more than a minute had passed from when i realized what i was seeing in county records. I have only know him since Dec.2019 when i found a cousin,daughter of said thieving disrespectfule uncle. My brother is almost 2 decades older,so Ive been alittle hard on him in messages . Ive apologized and now see he too was wronged and just never put alot of thought into what family will do for money so disrespectfule. Im embarrassed to accuse and even mention such a thing as this to family . IT HAS ripped us apart again… Also since Dec 2019 Little by little everyday I piece together the factual information i find . So my issue is legit and guts deep however i put the feelings aside momentary to gain some actual progression in this analization of whats happened and Im seeking some real opinions information even help from successful individuals and most important this type of open access.I know its more likely here my issue at hand will fall on the ears of someone thats been through this or knowledgable in how this can be remedied. I guess i should have mentioned more detail in my conversation. Sorry! My father owned these mineral rights in kaufman county ,Tx. Id say to my knowledge of,its few hundred acres but my no. Is not confirmed since there are over 100 counties in Tx. and so many states and ways to Fraudulent or Legitimately and legally change money and or ownership.My fathers was stolen through a fraudulent and false affidavit of heirship lol I could not understand this so Ive been searching incorrectly and going in circles in mind and on paperhalf the time.Literally.

You will need an attorney in the state where the minerals are located. This will likely require a quiet title action.

In the state of Texas, there is a two year statute of limitation on filing a lawsuit for recovery. The two year statute of limitation begins on the date you discovered you were ripped off! Get an attorney ASAP!

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