Stipulation of interest

I received my division order, but it says my interest is suspense, cause the title is not clear.

it seems my uncle s daughter was left out of the partion deed by her family. Now these landmen have come up with stipulation of interest which says she gets part from all the

land and interest of the family tracts. there are 12 tracts in my grandfather s land which

was divided by his 12 children, minus an aunt and uncle who are pass away without ever

being married and no children. [14 total in the family ] . We think she should be put on her dads tract and that would settle everything. these landmen say we have to sign the stipulation

so she can get a tract al to herself that would make 13 tracts and her interest would be almost 1 % because she was deliberty left out of the partion deed which is not truth. Her own family left her out. can landmen do this or is this a lawyer on her behalf . We waited so long and now this. I could use some advise. Trini

What state are you in?

Sorry, should have asked what state the minerals are in.

Gabe, His profile says Texas.

Yorktown, Texas, Dewitt county. well has been in production since 7/17/12

Gabe Bass said:

What state are you in?