Stipulation for correcting Deeds


Some advice needed. Thank you in advance. I have a leasing company that is suspending money until all family members sign a “Stipulation of Correction” deed. They want all members of a previous Trust from years ago to sign and notarize it before releasing funds. The problem is there is no way to do this. And there is no longer a Trust. The Leasing company is very hostile and refuses to give any information or alternative. After hiring an attorney they released small partial amounts. They also refuse any alternatives. I have another lease with another company…vertical drilling versus the new horizontal…that shows no problem with deed.

My question. Is there an alternative?


I’m not an attorney, CPA or any such professional, I have recently gone through a trust issue with my father. At some point, likely the year or two after the persons trust was distributed a final IRS return should have been filed with the IRS stating something to the effect of “Disolution of Trust”. This final return means that all assets have been distributed and there will be no further income related to the trust holder or beneficiaries. I would start with trying to find this type of document.

As always, others are far better then me with these matters and I welcome corrections along with the advise they give ProBono.



Thank you John. I appreciate your information.


It sounds like family members are unable or unwilling to sign the corrective instrument. A quiet title case should clear up those issues or at least establish your share. Visit with an attorney in your state.