Stevens and Carter county activity?

What’s going on ?

I share mineral rights in Carter County, OK. There is drilling all around us. Parts were leased about fifteen years ago. We were told that the area had a lot of shale and the lease was not renewed.. With the technology now, I am hoping to get this leased. The area is east/south east of Poolville I believe. I have the legal description if there is any interest.

Basil, Please refer to the answer I gave you on Dec 31. You can find out whats going on by joining the Stephens and Carter County Forums.

The leasing activity is pretty much over in Carter County as it's almost all leased. They have leased pretty much the whole county except an area of 1W and 2W. As of a couple weeks ago no companies are going to lease thru 1W and 2W except for the outer edges that have been leased. There are some still being recorded but they are from the areas already gone thru that were hold outs.