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What is a reasonable amount to charge for water? If we don't sell our water what does it cost to haul water into Sterling Co.?

If you got water under your surface–someday it may be worth more than oil in West Texas. Think hard before you sell it cheap.

This discussion doesn't seem to be watched a great deal. But, just in case, does anyone have any information on the well Oxy completed south of Sterling City Allen 7. I saw their completion report and am wondering if there was a mechanical issue.


I have a contact that is trying to lease 640 acres or more in Sterling County. If you have open acreage, email me your contact information.

What can anyone tell me about the Triple M Oil Field in Sterling County? I have investments in two wells not yet completed in that area of the county. Both wells are down to about 8,000 feet and cut across several play formations. I understand that they are principally shale wells, thus must be fracked, etc. Any information please.

I read recently that there are many wells in the Permian Basin area finished but not as yet "completed." I am assuming by completed they mean the well has not been fracked and is not producing any product, gas or oil or both. Am I drawing the correct conclusion?

William, Correct. The industry term is “frack logged” wells. Drilled but not fracked.

A more recent term I have heard or seen written is DUC, Drilled but Uncompleted wells. I would suppose they are also Frack Logged wells. They need either Fracking or infrastructure for completetion.

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