Stephens section 8 1n 5w

Hello , my sis just received two documents regarding sec 8 1N 5W (increased well density) and also one for sections 5 and 8 1N 5W.(multi unit horizontal well) Cause numbers 200007 and 200005 We do not hold section 5 Maybe this is a silly question but does this mean there is a plan to drill a new well as well as increase the density of our exiting well? What does “increase the density” mean exactly? Also my sons name is included on both documents but my daughters is not. Is this an error since I’m deeding the minerals equally to them? (Set up by an attorney in OK, mr Barney) who would I contact to get this rectified? Thanks for any help on this matter

Yes, Continental is asking to drill an additional well in section 8. They do the section individually for an increased density application. The well will be a two section horizontal which will go into section 5-both sections are listed. . The hearing date is scheduled for Jan. 31, 2022. Exhibits will be given closer to the hearing date if you watch online. Make sure your attorney has deeded and filed both your son’s and daughter’s names in the county. You can also contact the attorney on the case documents and inform them that her name needs to be added.

The original Oceana well was drilled on the far east side of the section with a surface location in 17, drilling north into 8. The exhibits for the new well will show where is will be drilled and whether or not the location is in 5 drilling south into 8 or vice versa.

Diane: The first well in your Section 8 is the Oceana 1-17-8XH well. It is producing from the Woodford formation and the unit is Sections 8 & 17. Continental now wants to add an additional well for the Woodford formation (the increased density well). It will be called the Welton 1-8-5XHW. and will be for Sections 8 & 5 and will be an additional Woodford formation well. The Corporation Commission has ruled the density (spacing) for wells is one well per 640 acres. Continental is asking the Commission for permission to increase the number of wells for the Woodford formation in the 640.00 acre unit. I believe both of your children’s names are on the documents. The respondents are in alphabetical order, by first name. You don’t need to do anything further.

Hi Todd, thanks so much for the clarification. I received my copies of the docs today and my daughter is NOT on either doc (interestingly, another Rebecca Martin in listed with a different address in WA state but this persons last name is spelled Marten). I’m going to call the phone number listed on the docs and see if I can remedy that situation. Diane trafton-adams

Thanks Martha, you are so helpful. I received my docs today and, sure enough, my daughters name is missing. Her name is Rebecca Martin (And she lives in Bothell WA). There is another Rebecca Marten (note spelling) that is listed who also lives in WA state, but not Bothell. Very weird, strange coincidence. Diane trafton

Contact the attorney listed on the paperwork and inform them of the mixup. Sometimes, the legal work has a glitch. Make sure the deed to your daughter has been filed in the courthouse.

Hi Martha, I understand the hearing for Stephens sections 8 and 5 1 n 5 W took place on the 22nd. Have you heard what happened at that hearing?

Docket results says it is continued to April 4.

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