Stephens County, Oklahoma

My grandpa left us 87 acres in Stephens, County Oklahoma. Oil and mineral rights. I have many, many, questions. Chesapeake Natural Gas leased it back in 2005, but we haven’t heard anything since then. Wondering if I could get any advice on what to do with this or do I wait to get contacted again by another company? How do I know if anything is happening or will be happening in that area?

What is the legal description. I will check County records, Corporation Commission records. Is the mineral property filed using your correct address?

And go on to the Stephens County group and ask people there. they are closer to home. Use legal description and many can help. Good Luck.

SECTION 22-2S-8W thank you so much! Any information would be wonderful!

Thank you Rick!


I saw the 2005 lease for 1/8th and no clauses.

In 2014, Edward J Nease field an Affidavit of Change of Address for the 87 acres in the NE/4.

Book 4825 Page 287.

His address: 833 Morse Ave SW

Albany, OR 97321

This is in regard to Arnold Nease deceased.

The 2005 Chesapeake lease was Eliott Mark Feather for the SE/4.

Nothing else has been filed in the Stephens County Clerk for Section 22.

If you have any part of the 87 acres, you should file an affidavit of ownership with your correct address. It never hurts to add an email address and phone number on filed documents.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Tom Ed Moore

Thank you so much Tom! Very helpful! I truly appreciate you digging up some info. Debbie Nease-Bohannon