Stephens county Oklahoma pooling

New to this. Pooling for section 34 and 35, township 2s, range 4w by Continental. Maybe this explains high bonus rates in Stephens township 3s and range 4w. Fyi

If you were just pooled, you must act quickly. You only have 20 calendar days to respond by certified return receipt letter. The eight contiguous sections around a pooled section may have more impact from those amounts versus sections farther away. The potential of the reservoir is the main driver of bonus amounts.

We filed the paper to them and now have been scheduled another hearing about a relief pooling we are going to be there the 23 for that and to entire our paper work on a royalty claim that’s been held since 94 havent seen any thing about this on here is that a good thing for us on relief pooling

Where is it one goes to view pooling applications/orders ? Thanks in advance for a response, W.

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This is the new case processing link for OK.

Thank you so much for the speedy response !!!

Very new to this. What exactly does pooling mean? Appreciate any help. Have had offer from what we think is a landman to lease or buy some mineral rights inherited from mother. Also, when we asked questions via email, he said our mineral rights in our section are “held my production” and that he thought our interest “was open, but it is not”. Trying to figure this all out.

Welcome to the forum! You are smart to get answers first. Forced pooling is done in Oklahoma when a mineral cannot be found or does not respond to leasing requests. Perfectly normal and nothing to be afraid of. First of all, if you inherited, did you file the probate documents in Stephens County Courthouse? Next, if you are held by production, then you need to contact the operator and get into pay status. If you need to find out who that is, then post the section, township and range and we can point you to the right company. Another thing is that there may be shallow production and now there is about to be deeper horizontal drilling, so lots of buy offers out there. Some will wish to sell and some will want to hang onto their acreage since the new areas could be prolific. Our family hangs onto those deep rights.

Right before they drill the deep wells, they will need a court order to pool the remaining acreage. The operator will go before the commissioners and tell them what they have been leasing for in the area. The court will give an order that has three-five options for a royalty/bonus pair. Many of us will take the highest royalty and lowest bonus since it usually pays off in the long run. You only have 20 calendar days in which to answer or they assign you the lowest royalty.

What is the section, township and range and we can give you a better idea of the pending activity and how to get informed.

We believe the operator is LE Jones. The man who made the offer said our mineral rights are in the Deese formation under a well drilled by LE Jones called the Snow Unit. My sister made a trip to Stephens County, I’m assuming to file probate. I will need to confirm that and get copies of all paperwork from her. Sec. 21-T1S-R4W, this info from Don W. Tucker who made the offer. Again, I need to get copies of paperwork. I’m not even aware of how many acres are involved.

Thank you so much for you help.

Can you tell us for held for production and pay status means?

“Held by production” means that there is an older lease that has a producing well or is part of a secondary recovery unit with active wells that holds the acreage. You cannot lease it again until the production stops. “Pay status” means the title has been cleared and the operator will pay the mineral owners of record for their royalties. If someone dies, their funds go into suspense and are held by the company until the heirs claim them. The heirs have to file the proper title paperwork in the county courthouse and also show it to the company in order to release the funds to the next generation. That puts them into “pay status” vs “suspended status”.

Section 21 is part of an old field called Sho-Vel-Tum. The Snow #1 was drilled in 1987 and is still online. You could ask Don. W. Tucker if your ancestor was force pooled or has a lease on the well. If leased, then you might not be able to lease again. If force pooled, then you may have the deeper acreage open to lease. LE Jones is the operator. Suggest that you contact them and ask them as well since they should have a copy of the lease or pooling order.


You have been very helpful. Thank you so very much. We are going to get copies of the paperwork and do some more digging. We get royalties from 3 or 4 companies, so need to find out where those leases are. Again, thank you so much…

Usually, the leases are on file with the county. If they are pooling orders those are at the OCC.

Thanks, we now have a lot of the paperwork and are trying to weed through all of it. My sister has filed on three of them and working on a 4th. Found out we probably have 7 or 8, some in other counties.