Stephens County, Oklahoma Activity

My company and relatives possess mineral acreage in Sec 26 & 35-1N-4W. Over the past two months Oklahoma companies are offering to buy ranging from $4,000 to $9,500 per net mineral acre.

I think my minimum price should be $15,000 per net mineral acre given perceived interest in exploring zones deeper than what has been traditionally exploited.

I would like to hear from forum members concerning reasons for heightened interest in this area.

not realistic. I checked the records - in section 26, the last sale was for $4500 an acre. Make sure theres not proportionate reduction language in that 9000 an acre offer. To me, that seems more than fair for the area.

Cole, about a wk ago I made a deal to sell stephens county Sec 26 2S 4W for $8,100 p/nma.
Two months prior I had leased it for $2,500 p/nma 1/4interest.

It started out at $5,000 p/nma then more companies were interested. Within a weeks period it went up to $8,100 p/nma.

I was paid $8500 a nma in Sec 252S4W a few years ago. I would think with a horizontal well going into section 25 and 26 that nma would be worth twice what I got paid.

Kent, I agree, get a few wells on there and the value goes way up. We have 10 wells in 2N/4W and have been offered up to $18,500/nma for 3/16 and $21,000 for 1/4.

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Hello me and my sister own mineral in those very section and town we have wells already in area also but we can’t get any thing going because of held in production by le jones we keep getting papers with bonus offers and such but it always falls off gone call them on it 2morrow nice to see folks with same are mineral rights God bless ttyl