Stephens County, Oklahoma Activity

My company and relatives possess mineral acreage in Sec 26 & 35-1N-4W. Over the past two months Oklahoma companies are offering to buy ranging from $4,000 to $9,500 per net mineral acre.

I think my minimum price should be $15,000 per net mineral acre given perceived interest in exploring zones deeper than what has been traditionally exploited.

I would like to hear from forum members concerning reasons for heightened interest in this area.

not realistic. I checked the records - in section 26, the last sale was for $4500 an acre. Make sure theres not proportionate reduction language in that 9000 an acre offer. To me, that seems more than fair for the area.

Cole, about a wk ago I made a deal to sell stephens county Sec 26 2S 4W for $8,100 p/nma.
Two months prior I had leased it for $2,500 p/nma 1/4interest.

It started out at $5,000 p/nma then more companies were interested. Within a weeks period it went up to $8,100 p/nma.

I was paid $8500 a nma in Sec 252S4W a few years ago. I would think with a horizontal well going into section 25 and 26 that nma would be worth twice what I got paid.

Kent, I agree, get a few wells on there and the value goes way up. We have 10 wells in 2N/4W and have been offered up to $18,500/nma for 3/16 and $21,000 for 1/4.

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