Stephens county, OK

Hello, my grandparents received some court documents in the mail last week about mineral rights they inherited. We have no idea where these came from or whom they came from. There is a total of 1280 acres in Stephens county. Continental drilling and black acre resources have been contacting them about the acreage and wanting to lease it out. They are offering quite a bit of money for my grandparents part. They’ve spoke to a oil and gas attorney and he cannot tell them anything. Some of the names on this court document (there are about 400) are Sam noble and dornick hills country club. Has anyone had something like this come about? Or can you tell me what we need to do next?

I am going to add you. I can help look into the title real quick

Title will need to be ran to see how your grandparents got that interest.

I know this sounds dumb, but we have no idea what that means. We have never dealt with this before.