Stephens County- oil drilling

Tell me about "Mineral Men" and :Freedom Oil & Gas" companies who want

to buy or lease. Then they sell to major companies. How do they work ????

E. Houston

Eileen, many of the landmen work for companies that lease mineral rights for oil companies. Like we've talked about Jackfork Land LLC usually leases for Continental, Energy Leasing LLC leases for Newfield and Striker leases for Apache and Blue Star leases for Marathon. That doesn't mean they are the only ones that leases for them but they are some that do.

Some of the companies that are wanting to buy your royalties are doing it so they can participate in the drillng of the well in the drilling that is going on in your area. Some ,though, want to buy cheap and flip the mineral rights to the oil companies. I don't know about Freedom Oil and Gas. Maybe someone else does. Seems like we may have gotten some offers to buy our mineral rights from them but I'm not sure about that. Hope that is what you meant by your question. If not, sorry for all the rattling.