Stephens County 17 1S4W and 16 1S4W

Martha, I have just this week received the final decree regarding holdings I have inherited. It has been filed and stamped in Stephens County. How do I determine what this means to me?

Not seeing the decree, I am going to assume that it gives you the title to the mineral rights listed in the documents. You will have to contact the operators in the sections that you inherited and inform them of the change of ownership.

Sec 16-Citation Oil and Gas is operating the Samedan 1-16H is section 16. Their address is on this Transfer of Ownership. Ask them what documents they need to transfer the royalties to you. The probate documents just filed will probably be needed. There was quite a bit of old production, so not sure if anyone is holding royalties in suspense.

Sec 17. Cheyenne Petroleum Company filed new OCC cases in section 17. Notify them of your inheritance. CHEYENNE PETROLEUM COMPANY 14000 QUAIL SPRINGS PARKWAY, SUITE 2200 OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA 73134 Contact Name: CHARLES L. HELM Contact Phone: 405-232-9000

You need to get on their mailing list as they have several horizontal wells planned and you want to get royalties from them.

Also check the unclaimed funds at the OK Treasurer’s office or in the state where your ancestor lived. Something might be there.

Thank you!!! I will move forward. I also need to find out how to get the minerals changed to our family trust rather than just my name.

Talk to the attorney that helped with the probate. You need to get all of the minerals into the proper legal entity.

Sorry to bother you again…none of the names listed on the document transferring ownership were mine. Does that matter since this is newly documented? Should I send them info?

The operators will only transfer royalties to the person or entity (or its representative) listed on the probate. They have to be very careful. If you are a trustee for the family trust, then they will talk to you. If not you, then they will only deal with the listed trustee. The estate attorney should be able to direct you to the right solution.

So confusing! Thank you, Martha!

I am the name listed in the filing. I think I better stick to that before I attempt to change anything and move it to our trust. And yes, I’m a trustee. Do I send information to Citation, even though my name isn’t on that transfer list?

The transfer list is a list of wells, not people. Go ahead and contact Citation. Have the previous owner’s name ready.

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