Status update on XTO’s Alma

New to all this and trying to get status update on XTO’s Alma and XTO possibly going back to retry Tara? Any help is greatly appreciated. We own small interest in both sections and leased thru RD WIlliams,

You can follow the progress of the wells on the OCC well records site. Test Type in Tara in the Well Name box and you will see the progression of activity. Note that the surface location is in section 2. Tara 1-2H11X14R2 was spud on July 3, 2022. You won’t probably see much more until about five months from now. Maybe…

Alma- do the same thing but this time type in Alma 1-12 (there are pages and pages of Alma wells, so this will narrow if down_ It was spud from section 12 on 9/15/2021.

You can search for when they go “active” on the OK tax site. Gross Production. Alma is active, so type in Alma in the Lease name box and look for the Alma 1-12H13X24. Hit the blue PUN number and you can see that it went active on 5/30/22. You won’t see any production history for about four months. TARA will be here when it is finished. Division orders usually show up about five months after the active date. They have to pay you 180 days after first production or they owe you interest.

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Thank you so much. We will take a look at sites provided. Is there a document that would help us verify our interest is correct if either has any production? TIA.

You will get a division order with a decimal amount listed. The equation is: net acres/actual spacing acres x royalty x % perforations in your section. Your deed or probate documents will give you the net acres. Spacing is probably 640. Your lease has the royalty. The OCC final documents will give the split of the perforations in each section.

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Hi @M_Barnes, quick question, the first production showed up for Alma 1-12H13X24, it was for July but you indicated that the well went active on 5/30/22. Should there have been something for June? If there is additional production will the numbers typically be delayed several months? Again thanks for the assistance. Also we now wait for the division orders correct?

The active date is not necessarily the first sales date. It is the date the operator notifies the tax authority. I only see July production on the OTC site. They may not have finished the gathering lines for the gas until then or they did not report sale data until then. The data usually runs about four months late. The completion report will eventually come out and any revisions will be uploaded. Wait for the DO now…

Hi @M_Barnes, so we had another month from Alma posted to the OTC site, it’s all type 5. Does that mean that the production of type 1 is a bust or is it that they have not sold any type 1? Thanks for the help!

Type 5 is gas. Type 1 is oil. They report what is sold. Which section, township and range?

It’s the Alma 1-12H13X24. Sec 13 8S 2E. Thanks

For the moment, only the gas is being reported. Time will tell. I do not see gas liquids (Type 6) showing up yet.

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