Status of Wells Drilled

Can anyone tell me what the status of the Martinsen Unit and Hinze Unit? They are being drilled by Penn Virginia. Thanks.

Martinsen was completed at the end of March and I've heard good things and it had a huge flare for a short period of time. Penn Virginia has filed the completion report for Martinsen but did not yet divulge what the IP was. Hinze was being frac'd a couple of weeks ago but I'm sure that's completed now. That completion report and IP should be reported to the RRC within a couple of weeks. All indications are that both are good wells though.

How long does it take to get that information onto the RRC website and where would I go to get that? What does "IP" and "huge flare" mean? Don't know all of the lingo yet. Thanks.

There's no specific time frame on when a completion report will show up on the RRC site, but usually Penn Virginia files within about a month of completing the frac job. The completions can be queried here...

IP stands for Initial Production and refers to a 24 hour test rate they will perform on the well after the frac job is completed. It doesn't reflect what the well will produce, but it gives you a baseline for how well the well will perform in the future more or less. "Huge flare" refers to the gas being flared off the well after frac operations were complete. The bigger the flame, the more gas pressure usually exists and that's normally a good thing for that specific area. More gas pressure equals more pressure to get the oil out of the tight rock formation and to the surface.

Thank you for the explanation and the website. We are in between the Hinze Unit and the Martinsen Unit and am curious on what they are producing, especially the Martinsen Unit.