Status of Well

I have been trying to obtain the status of well in New Mexico, 30-025-46890, a Par Three Fed-Com by AMEREDEV Operating LLC. I think I may have discovered the secret reasons, apparently this is on Federal lands, and are all drilling and fracking now prohibited on Federal Lands?

AMEREDEV got back to me on this, reported the well has been producing since 15 May, look for a check July 20th


Glad your well is online.

New leasing is mostly prohibited on Federal lands. Drilling and fracking is business as usual (unchanged, allowed, go nuts, etc) on existing Federal leases. There is very very very little unleased Federal land in the Permian Basin that is worth anything, all the good stuff is in existing leases. So banning new leases there is much ado about nothing.

Alaska and Gulf of Mexico is a different story.


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