Status of S19, T11N, R7W, Canadian County, OK?

I have an interest in S19, T11N, R7W, Canadian County, OK. I receive Corporation Commission documents as to the new drilling they are requesting, but I don’t understand them. Would you be able to summarize in layman terms as to what is going on? Thank you.

I did a quick look on the pile. Your postman may have a backache. The easiest way to work through them is to put them in Order date order. Cimarex has applied for Increased Density (more wells) in two zones-Woodford (201807177) and the Mississippian (201807179).
The rest of them are the listings of where the wells will be located and permission for them to be drilled in those locations. Go to the map at the end of the cases such as 7165 and you will see an example. Congrats! You might want to talk to your accountant about tax planning for year 2020.

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M_Barnes… Your comments are always helpful. Thank you for your information.

There are usually two or three sets for each well. One to give permission to drill it and then the other to place it with an exception to a rule. Sometimes, there are additional exceptions to a different rule about how much they can produce. You don’t have to worry about it, just legal paperwork to keep the best drainage without waste.

The maps and exhibits are quite helpful in understanding where each well will go. Sometimes, they will have the names of the wells on them. Those can change, but nice to know. They have to get these cases through the OCC and then they can submit the permits. (sometimes they go backwards if they have a rig that is waiting.)

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