Status of old mineral rights

how can I find out what happens if my great-grandparents mineral rights that they used to have are they active or not or who got them or what

What state and counties? how far back?

Texas Howard County 1962 GGF pass GGM pass 1972 E H Heffington an Wife LC Heffington

I posted this over in Howard County, so you would have a better chance at an answer.

Thank you it’s been almost three years since we signed the lease and we still have not received any kind of division orders

And when I went to West Texas to big spring show did he have lots of mineral right but I don’t know whatever happened to

hi there, wanted to ask if anyone has helped you out?

No no one has yet I don’t even no where to start

ok, I can try; even if you sign a lease doesn’t mean that they will drill; we just HOPE! but I will look more into your section and see what I can find. Im a self learner so it will be a slower than a professional but I will help.

I believe there is 3 well on turnberry 2705

There was a there was an error in what you tried to send me and I could get anything to pop up

I can email u the lease