Status of Callon's new Winchester and Teewinot wells?

Do any of you have info on the status of Callon’s new Winchester and Teewinot wells in Ward County, Texas? These are:

Winchester Lease A6 well 11UA Winchester Lease A7 well 12UA Winchester Lease A7 well 33SB Teewinot A1 Lease well 3LA Teewinot North Unit well 9UA Teewinot North Unit well 10UA

Callon sold to APA (Apache) April 1, 2024

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Right. So any filings may be under Callon or Apache.

Call Apache in Houston and ask them. Callon no longer exist.

Do any of you have access to a database that would tell if these wells have been fracked yet?

Go to RRC website - Production Reports Queries. Search by Production by Filing Operator and Pending. Enter Callon operator number 124828 and May 2024. Click Filing Operator and 31 well reports will appear for wells without lease numbers. Winchester wells and one Teewinot well have volumes for 1st partial month. June volumes will not be filed until about August 1.


@G_Hundt, according to the Texas RRC Completion query RRC_Completion_Query none of the wells you mentioned have been completed. Looking on Pecan Estimate the Winchester wells show as completed, but the Teewinot wells are still drilled but uncompleted.

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Thank you for the info, Pete!

TennisDaze, thank you for the info! You are obviously better at navigating the RRC site than I am!