Status of abandoned well

My family and I inherited mineral rights on land in Waller County, Texas upon which a well was drilled back in the late 1980’s, but was never completed. Supposedly, the well was tested at 125 MCF gas, but the independent operator went bankrupt before completing the well. We would like to know the status of the well at the time of T&A or P&A. We only have the name of the lease, the name of the well, and the name of the now defunct operator. We would like to know how to get information on the status of the well. Would the TRRC be able to provide any information as to the status of this well? Any advice on how to research this would be greatly appreciated

Here is a link to the map section of the Railroad Commission’s online site

Use the pulldown menu marked “Select County” to select Waller, then use the pull down with the Looking Glass to select the survey or well name you are trying to locate. When you find the area where the well is located use the “Information” menu (marked with “i” in a circle) to access the records on it.

If you have trouble navigating their site post the well name and survey and someone will help you pull it up. But if the well wasn’t completed the only thing in the records may be the drilling permit and the plugging report.

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