State gis map links for oil and gas wells 2024

State GIS Map links for oil and gas wells in the US and Canada. Thanks to the original poster. I have gone back and checked and updated all of the links as of June 2024. I moved it to the General Mineral Rights Discussion so more folks can find it. Please make a comment if one of the links does not work. Will try to keep it current at least once a year.

State GISmap links 2024.xlsx (16.4 KB)


Some if not many forum users may have difficulty opening/navigating the Excel file. Why not simply paste functioning urls in a post?

Great information and useful to download and save for future reference.

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Thanks @M_Barnes . This is beyond helpful :slight_smile:

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your GIS links did not open, and the one that did was too general.

Welcome to the forum. Which state did you try? I can post it again here and see if it will work. You usually need to zoom in to your area to get the other layers to turn on.

I tried to just open the link by clicking it. i tried several times, but it would not open. It just would go the point where i would click “open file” and circle back to “open file”. I never got as far as picking a state or anything.

This is an excel spreadsheet, not a pdf. To download on a pad, you need an Excel app or Numbers app. You need something similar of a computer as well.

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Maybe this will work? I made it a PDF file. MK State GISmap links 2024.pdf (460.9 KB)

Some of them work. The best thing is to just copy the link that is in blue (if it does not work by just clicking it) and paste it in your browser line.

When I get a minute, I will go back in and try to get the links hooked up as all live.