Stangl36-16-9 5h

Newfield recently bought the wells in Kingfisher County, Section 25, Township 16 N, Range 9 West from Chesapeake. Chesapeake had taken out a permit to drill 5H in May and have until Nove. 16 to spud it. I cannot get any information on whether this has happened either from or the OK Corp. Com. Also, 6H started production Sept. 16, 2016, but no one will tell me what, if anything, it is producing. I would appreciate any information you have on these wells.

You can find all of the information on the well on the OCC website at:

Type in 2516N09W in the location box.

The well spud May 1, 2016. Completion report is listed as completed on June 28, 2016. However, the fields are blank which is unusual, but it has not been officially completed according to the OCC. They did install a production string of casing, so that is good. They are allowed to hold a well confidential for a few months. Even if confidential, they do have to pay you within six months after the first sales. You should be receiving a Division Order (if you have a mineral ownership) in about five months after first sales. Also, with the sale, the paperwork may not have made it to Newfield yet. I suspect that they have a bunch of wells in that section to complete and they just aren't finished yet.

You can track production at the OK tax site when it is online. I search by legal. Use leading zeros. The 1H well is there.

oops. I saw your 6H, so my answer was for it. 1H has been drilled and is on the production list. It spud in 36.

Since CPK sold to NFX, they may not be drilling the 5H immediately.

Thank you for all of the information. It was really very nice of you to look it up for me. The reason I think 5H may get spudded now is because Chesapeake did all of the legal work to get the permit which expires Nov. 12.

Since Newfield has it now, it would depend upon how that proposed well stacks up against all of their other wells in the queue and if they have a rig available for it. They can always extend the permit for another six months.

According to the landman from CHK, the rig is at the site.


Can you tell me alittle more about searching at the tax site? What do you mean when you say "use leading zeros?


You stated that "The very hot portions of Blaine and Kingfisher are getting good lease rates for OK, but not as high as the Permian."

Can you tell me what is a good lease rate for Kingfisher county?

I'm in 16-17N-9w and the Lula well is being drilled into me. Rig just got pulled yesterday so fracking should begin soon. I'm interested to see the difference in this well which will have 500,000 barrels of water vs the 220,000 that was used to drill wells around me. Larger fracs like these will be the norm in the Stack according to Newfield. CHL and Devon are both doing them too.

See for news on the huge Ludwig test results by CHL