Standard Oil and Gas Lease

I'm an out-of-state owner of mineral rights on land west of Ft. Morgan in Morgan County. I've been offered lease terms by Mason Dixon Energy. Has anyone had their standard oil and gas lease reviewed by a local attorney? Is it a balanced document?

What kind of per-acre payments are folks seeing these days in this part of Morgan County?

Many thanks.

Not familliar with what state Morgan co is in. I can tell you that I know of no oil co’s standard lease that doesn’t benefit the oil co the most and the mineral owner the least.

I should have said this is Morgan County Colorado. Thank you.

We have land about 30 miles south of Ft. Morgan. We were offered $25 5+5 12.5% trying to find out the same information has you for our area, same Company. We currently are at $50 5+5 14%.