Stable Energy offer-Canadian 10-11N-5W

Does anyone have experience with Stable Energy? They’ve made an offer to lease our minerals @ 10-11N-5W, Canadian County. Arnold isn’t willing to match and the other inquiries have all been about buying, not leasing. They offered 2k/acre (bonus), 3/16 royalty, 3 year lease. Our lease is up in October.

Thanks for your feedback.

David S

They are trying to top lease you. That is when they want a lease that starts the second your old lease expires. I do not do them as they may tangle legal issues. Also, I want the going price when my lease expires, not months away.

It may be better to wait until October as the current offers are much higher in the area than what they are offering you-by a lot!

Also, Chaparral has a pending horizontal case at the OCC. CD 201705986

Thanks for your input. Appreciate it!