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Old family homestead in Pinegrove totaling 50 acres. Interested in knowing if any landowners have been approached to lease property and what terms were offered.


Hi Bob :slight_smile: Have you heard any news? I have a small place in the same area as you and have noticed lots of activity, but haven’t been contacted as of yet. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Mabel - I’ve not been contacted but newspaper states increased activity, especially byDevon.


Any more word on leasing acreage in St. Helena Parish?


Whom does one contact if interested in leasing? - landman, oil company? Or does one simply wait until contacted? I contacted one landman a while back, Dan Collins, and his repsonse wan't very positive at the time. And in 2008 were contacted by Miller Land Professionals but declined their 125/A and 3/16%.


Devon is leasing in St Helena Parish, w/offers lower than what I see below....


anything in St Helena lately.??


Good day everone,

In own a track of 61 + acres in St Helena parish kentwood La.

Section 38,T1S-R63

Looking to Lease,

Any suggestions.


I am in the Pine Grove area, at this time I have not heard anything.


Anymore happening here in the Parish. I have a few calls in to Goodrich but no response as of yet concernign the force pooling now known as TMS RA SUA of +/- 1140 acres. I am looking at Section 45, 1T -S, R 4-E and Possibly section 44 with same coordinates.


Anyone getting offers to buy their right in St. Helena