Springer/Goddard wells Sect 16&9 2N4W

Started a new post as the original was about to expire. Seems both wells are nearly finished with drilling operations. Looking forward to completion and testing.

My husband has been going down about every 2 days to the location. When I last posted he thought they were coming out of the hole because they were maybe finished with the drilling but then they started back in the hole with the pipe and the derrick had “3 strands in the derrick” according to him. Yesterday they were still going in the hole with the drill pipe and nearly had it all back out of the derrick and into the hole. (I hope I have remembered all this right) Understand that the last time we were in the business was in 1991 and ways of doing things have changed. We didn’t have any experience with horizontal wells. He has hurt his back now so I may be the next one to go check on it but I’m really not sure if I can help know what is going on unless I can find someone to talk to that will tell me.

Husband just returned from the diggins and he said all the pipe was out of the derrick again and they were drilling away. Surely they’ll be finished with the drilling part soon!

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I’m going to drive through OK in a couple weeks and will try to stop by site.

Went down to the diggins and they are still drilling away on the second well. No pipe in the derrick today. John I hope by the time you come through they are finished drilling and working on fracing.

DRILLING IS DONE and they are laying the pipe down! My husband said he didn’t know if they run the casing after they lay the pipe down or after now. Anybody know? He’s from the old school so he wasn’t sure how they did it now. Anyway we’re making progress!

Drilling is done. Rig is laid over and trucks are moving the rig out this morning!

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I had to postpone my Oklahoma trip. Hoping to get down there in 2021.

When we went by the wells the other day the drilling rigs were gone. There were some frac tanks in the NW corner of the location. Also was a backhoe and a Trachoe (sp?) and one pickup on location and that was all. Then yesterday my husband said there were 4 tanks for oil, and a couple of tank laying vertical like propane tanks. Ready for the next step. John, they may be finished before you get to Okla. in 2021…I hope anyway! Maybe you can see the finished product.

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