Specific field on township in richland county montana

I have mineral rights on approx 6 acres of land in richland county montana i have been given alot of valuable advice from people on this site as a newbee that helps my question is after some of the research i have been doing its my understanding that our township and range areas are on a specific field i cant figure out which one mine is on township 21n range 59e section 26 Again i thank everyone for their time and consideration in patiently answering my many questions.

If you have less than a quarter section there should be a lot number on your legal description.


I believe the area is in the "Elm coulee" field. Maybe someone with wells in that area can verify this.

I am still waiting to get the legal description from the landowner all my lease says currently is the township, range and section i was thinking that the elm coulee field was approx 2 miles north of mine maybe im wrong again i would appreciate all info im afraid i have been a pain in the a__ to the landman who is handling my deal i am not trying to be i guess i would like to know all about the process from him researching the title for valid mineral rights to the bonus check to the drilling how and why Thank you again everyone.

You should be able to find the legal description of your mineral rights on file at the Richland County Courthouse in Sidney. You can also get a plat map of the area where your interest is located. You don't say whether or not you recently bought these rights or you inherited them. If you inherited them, there should have been a new mineral deed filed to change the owner of the mineral rights.

The landman did send me a map of my township 21n and range 59e section26 1/4sw My family the Hennen's homestead this land many years ago and upon their passing it was divided up between their children my father sold the property to his older sister but maintained the mineral rights and upon his death my mother and my sister and I were given the rights this was about 35-36 years ago i remember as a young girl getting checks it seemed like every 3 months and than i think my mom said the well was a dry hole so it has been a long time since i have heard anything from this i did sell some 6 acres of mineral rights approx 6 yrs ago and i think this is the last of my mineral rights i will just wait patiently for the papers to come with the check i dont want to keep bothering the people in the sidney court house and the landman as they have been very informational and nice thank you again everyone for your suggestions i hate to bother the landman again as far as which field its located on he did tell me in one of our first conversations that it was not on the elm coullee field i just wanted to know which field it was determined to be on Thanks again


Don't worry about contacting the landman as this is part of his job. Your ownership of these minerals will be verified but you will first recieve a lease agreement that you will sign and have notorized then return. Be sure to read the lease carefully and if your unsure about the contents, contact someone who is knowledgeable in regards to the legal contents on the lease. They will most likely pay the bonus money via a bank draft which will be payable within a certain amount of time. Some insist on a check instead of a bank draft to alleviate the possibility of being "cold drafted" where the company could record your lease and not honor the draft. I have done it both ways and never had a problem with a bank draft but if this occurs, it becomes a major headache for the lessor to correct. After this process, the operator has the number of years agreed to on the lease to drill a well or if no well is drilled, the lease expires and you can re-negotiate a new lease. Many times the lessee will sell the lease to another company during the period of the lease, so whoever you are dealing with may not actually drill the well. After a well is drilled, you will be paid a royalty amount based on the terms of your lease. Sometimes, a lease will contain an extension clause whereas the operator has the right to maintain the lease after the first expiration date. I never have agreed to this extension as I negotiate a new lease because the bonus amounts and % royalty amounts can change as time goes on. Good luck on your negotiations and hope you get a great well.

Thanks again If you do have any info as to which field im on i would appreciate it i feel really silly for calling the landman every other day with one question or another i know its his job i just dont want to get on his nerves as im sure i already have l feel for people who are learning the ins and outs of this area if its been a learning exp but what would life be without this mind challenge

Your property is not in a producing area, so it would have no Field Name. It is about about 3 miles south of the Elm Coulee Field. Other than Elm Coulee, there are no producing wells for many, many miles.

Thank you

Steve Durrett said:

Your property is not in a producing area, so it would have no Field Name. It is about about 3 miles south of the Elm Coulee Field. Other than Elm Coulee, there are no producing wells for many, many miles.