Special Report: Oil drilling company has leased 115,000 acres, including land under dozens of homes

Army Capt., J.A.G. Reservist, bought his home with his wife this past Spring. However, his one-sixth acre property is a small part of the 115,000 acres of mineral rights leased by the Collier Resources Company to the Dan. A. Hughes Company. "Them drilling underneath is fine but if it messes with the water table -- that's my only concern."what about the se section that most of the property owners own there mineral rights what well the deal there be.

If the property owners also own the mineral rights they have likely negotiated a lease with the company.

Water contamination is not common in oil & gas drilling. If you have concerns, you might contact someone in your county group or a local lawyer to determine if there should be any special considerations.

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Hi, Charles -

Dan Hughes is not only an Oilman, but a Texas Rancher and Cattleman with an excellent reputation.

I am certain he is well aware of the issues and concerns regarding water in areas where he is drilling and sure he takes every precaution to protect the water tables.

His offices are in Beeville, Texas, where he also lives. If you were to call them, I'm sure someone with the company would be happy to address your concerns.

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Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas