Spacing unit effects on different sections under one lease

I have 17.779 undivided acres in 4 different sections (4,5,8 & 9) which are depicted (on NDIC GIS Map Server) with 3 different spacing units (1280 Acre ea.) T153, R102

Example: Sections 4 & 9 = spacing unit

Sections 5 & 6 = spacing unit (to be drilled)

Sections 8 & 17 = spacing unit

If they drill on section #6 (incls my #5 in spacing unit) how does this affect the other spacing units and my undivided interest in the other two locations?

-Does it tie them all up?

-What is recommended to protect my interests in keeping them separate?

-Would it be better to have 3 separate leases to keep each spacing unit separate?

If so, how do you apply the ratio of 17.779 acres to each of 4 different sections?


I think that your net mineral acres in each Section will be independent from your total mineral acreage.