Southern Bay Acreage

All, new to the forum, you all have posted lots of good information. Thank you!

We have acreage in Praha, leased to Southern Bay. I know that a couple of my neighbors went with a different land company and that was possibly flipped to someone other than Southern Bay. Also, at least one of my neighbors did not lease to anyone.

As you all have discussed, this area is a bit of a hodge podge between Southern Bay and others, but Sanchez may be making exchanges to gather more acreage together, moving East from their Prost prospect.

It would seem likely that Sanchez or whomever picks up the Southern Bay acreage near Praha (Hwy 90 and FM 1295) will certainly launch a drilling campaign as it is within the geographic pattern already established. Also may depend on how the wells closer to Schulenburg do.

Just trying to capture everything and stay in the loop. If anyone has any more information about this acreage and any plans to drill, postings are much appreciated.

Thanks again.