South side of rt 10

Does anyone have insight on time line/ planed activity on the south side of rt 10 out side of Balmorha ? Thanks

Apache Corp has both sides of FM7078 from Toyahvale to Cherry Creek station leased for drilling…and they plan to exploit it. Cabot Corporation operating under the name Coby is drilling horizontal wells on the east side of Hwy 17 near Wild Rose Pass…and the wells are flowing back frack and produced water at the rate of 55,000 barrels every 24 hours. They are trucking the flowback water to several SWDs along Hwy 17 north of Saragosa.

My family land is leased to Apache.We are located at the clover leaf on 10. Business 10 splits the tract. We are on the side close to town. There are wells drilled above us on the north side of 10. We leased in 2016 and are wondering when if they have started working on the property to the south.There is water on our tract.

55,000 barrels of water a day? Ouch.

Wade What does " ouch" mean?

Yeah, Wade, I talked to their production foreman and he said that’s what they are trucking off 3 wells they’ve drilled in the canyon so far. I don’t think they know the stratigraphy in that area and this is

an expensive lesson in defining the boundaries of a potential play/field.

But, so long as they keep trucking water to my SWD…who am I to argue

or direct them to oil and gas producing pay? They ARE getting some gas, but not the 15 Million cf/day that Apache is southwest of their wells.

We are having more deep magma movement along the faults from Guadalupe Peak down to Star Mountain south of Balmorhea and again

along the faults southeast of Alpine to Cathedral Mtn and up the spine crossing IH10 about Kent on up to near Dell City along Hwy 54 north of Van Horn.

More Source Rock is cooking off hydrocarbons in the Mantle magma…charging those stacked shale play zones all over the area of

western/southern Reeves, Culberson, part of Hudspeth, and Brewster/Presidio counties. I expect to see an intensification of recovery efforts in all those areas very soon. Clayton Williams,et al, are all over Culberson and Hudspeth counties now. He’s positioning himself to make another 10 to 50 Billion bucks on his lease holdings out there.

Next time you talk to Kenny DuBose…tell him I don’t like this ‘New’ Mineral Rights Forum format. I liked the old one a lot better.

in Verhalen

Lawrance Above I described the location of my family’s property, the junction of 10 and business 10 at the clover leaf and just to the east, towards the town. There is water on that land. Do you know if Apache has started doing anything there yet? I appreciate the info.

Melissa, ouch means that much water makes the well uneconomic.

Lawrence, play with the site some. It should grow on you. Also, don’t be afraid to send specific comments to Kenny. I don’t know he had much choice on finding another platform as the old one was no longer being supported by the vendor.

I still have not heard from Apache if they have moved toward my property. I know they have drilled across the other side of 10.

Melissa…Apache is being doggone SURE any drilling they do along both sides of FM7078 where it comes off HWY17 at Toyahvale comes nowhere near the volcanic tubes under the mountains from the big Valentine aquifer to San Solomon spring at the Balmorhea State Park swimming pool.
Their risk assessment team is still in a quandary, but they can’t afford to make any mistakes that would affect the spring. So, it’s anybody’s guess WHEN or even IF they will drill more wells in that area.
I think they are hoping Cabot/Coby will get blamed if anything bad happens.

Melissa, they have drilled a few wells around the town but seem to be taking it slow on further wells because of drilling commitments and the concerns over drilling close to the springs. There is a free app by Baker Hughes that shows you where active rigs are located and it helps in following trends.

Wade…I’m slowly getting the hang of the new forum format. I guess it’ll be alright.

Thanks to both of you for the information.