Source of title for TOD Deed for mineral rights retained in Texas

Which deed to I reference when filling out the TOD Deed for mineral rights? Here’s the story. When my uncle died, his estate transferred a partial interest for some land in Brazoria County Texas into a trust for my mother. I have that deed. When she died, the land was transferred to my 2 sisters and I via deed. We each ended up w/ 1/24 interest. I have that deed. Then, I sold my interest (in 3 separate transactions), but I retained mineral rights. When I identify the “source of title” for the TOD Deed for the mineral rights, do I use the Volume and Page number of the deed where the land (and mineral right) was first transferred to me personally? Do I reference the deeds where I sold the land but retained the mineral rights? Thanks for your help in this. I live in Oklahoma, not that it should matter.