Sorenson 14x-33exh

We have several wells in 150 98 including the above well with XTO. For several months there has been no production on some of them. The well status is listed as In Active. What exactly does IA mean? Are they maybe getting ready to abandon them? Did they maybe stop production during the pandemic when prices were low and maybe intend to start producing again if prices stay up? Anyone know anything about this we would appreciate info.


Many wells were shut in or choked back during the low price times of the pandemic. “Active” means it is not plugged and abandoned. You can try contacting XTO and ask if they plan to re-open the wells. Another few reasons for shutting in are mechanical trouble, fracking nearby wells (but that usually only lasts about a month), workovers, etc. Operators don’t really like to shut in wells because it costs money to shut them in and it costs money to open them back up. Shutting in can do damage as well, so they need to use caution in opening them back up.

Thank you for your reply. I will contact XTO tomorrow.

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