Something really sketchey seems to be going on?

I’m new to the website and in search of some serious technical guidance or past experiences?

My family lives at the end of a road which dead ends perpendicular to a lake which is less than one mile to the lake. I am aware of the multiple oil and gas wells currently producing both oil and gas in 2018. The wells currently producing are 4 miles South and also East of our family’s property using Bing Maps ruler in miles. In 2017 I observed seismic surveyors surveying roughly 5 miles West of our property. Oddly the survey company did not ask about surveying our land which would have run into the lake just on the opposite side of the road where the operator is currently producing. I researched and noticed that the operator obtained the lease from the property owners in 1951. I also researched and observed that permits where permitted to drill in August of 2017 in the lake where the current producing wells are located at. This seems really strange to me. Any advise would greatly be appreciated.