Somebody paid my mom's mineral Ritchie County

My mother owns some mineral rights in Ritchie County. Lenna G. Haught, of H A H Petroleum paid the taxes on two of her properties. My mother paid the taxes, and the that she paid for those properties was returned to her. What's the best way to remedy this situation?

Hi Roger -

It sounds to me like under the terms of your Mother's Lease to HAH Petroleum, they have the right to pay your Mother's taxes.

I'd just let them continue to do so.


She does not have a lease with them. They have been trying to buy the rights to my moms mineral rights, and she refuses to sell them. She received a call about a month ago from a man who might be Warren Haught, and she refused and he was very nasty with her. These mineral rights have been in our family for over 50 years. I don't know how someone else would have the right to pay her taxes, unless they were trying to acquire the rights through a back door procedure, because she refuses to sell them.

I believe I would consult an attorney regarding the matter.

Tom Ed has some good advice there.

I am not familiar with WV law, but in Texas and every other State I've ever worked in, the County Tax Collector doesn't care who the money comes from. And the payment of taxes in no way whatsoever conveys title, unless it were through a Tax Sale (when the properties or interests are seized for non-payment of taxes and sold on the Courthouse steps).

Why don't you give the Tax Collector a call and ask them what the deal is? They may have some printed materials or something available online that would help you come to understand your Mother's situation a little better.

I can ask around and see if I can locate you a WV Oil and Gas Attorney if you would like. Or perhaps someone here on The Forum is one or knows one. Otherwise, the WV Bar Association should be able to help you.

Who is Warren Haught and why would he ever be rude to your Mother?

I wouldn't do business with anyone who was ever rude to my Mother no matter how much money was involved!

I have heard on here there is a lawyer in W.V. that is really good. His name is Kyle Nuttal. He has a website that you can check out. Good luck!

He is also a member on this forum.