Sold my oil and gas interests

Sold my Mineral interest, 3 15 23, OWNERS in Reeves Cnty we sold 21acres for almost $1,000,000. Don’t undersell, yr mineral interests are worth more… Good Luck

Wow, great, congratulations!!

Where is Reeves county?

Where in Reeves Cty was your 21 acres?

About 250 miles East of El Paso

How did you sell them? Was it an auction? I’m receiving several offers to buy from private landman. According to my simple math from your sale my offers should be increased by a third. Where can I find good free information on the the value of my producing NMA? Thank you in advance.

That is wonderful, Congratulations! I assume you used a broker? Now the problem becomes how to minimze your tax bill, possibly a Section 1031 excchange of they qualify.

Too late to use a 1031 exchange.

Hi Ernie,

Was offered 750K for an interest in Reeves. Leased it for over 300K . Subsequently, 8 wells have been drilled to date. We are part of a production sharing agreement which has been quite lucrative. To date over 1 million in royalties has been received in three years of production. So , though you sold for 1 million, it will probably be more lucrative in the long run to lease, wait, pray and hope of course, lol. Enjoy your bounty.

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