Sold lease on Cemetery Road, Sistersville, Ohio River Hill WV. to Antero

They blow me off and never return phone calls when I ask if it has been drilled. I hope I am not being cheated. Does anyone have information about the area and know if they are drilling. I had thought they had put in a drilling pad and water pipeline. I hope Antero is not cheating me and my cousins.

You can go here to see the map of permitted and drilled wells, and zoom in to your area. If you find a long orange line coming out of a red star=like thing (I saw something like that near Sistersville) you can click on it to find out what the permit number is and who the operator is.

From what I have been reading, Antero is slowing down its drilling schedule, and planning to pick up things more in 2016.

You can go here WV Office of Oil and Gas Permits to look up the status of permits.

You can go here WV Office of Oil and Gas email list for new permits

to sign up to be notified when new permits are applied for in your county.

Probably the local newspaper has notices of plans to apply for permits in your county.

If you are calling the landman who negotiated your lease, maybe that person is no longer working for Antero (a lot of them got laid off in the last few months) or may be working on another project and can't tell you anything about your lease. If you are calling the office, maybe you need to try the Colorado office. I don't have the number but should be easy to find.