Solar energy vs fossil fuels

You sir are in denial to the scientific facts that the earth has been much hotter than it is today and likewise much colder than too.


With regards to those pushing for Wind and Solar Energy; Both of these methods currently use large amounts of Rare Earth Minerals. The US will not allow for mining of these Rare Earth Minerals because the development of 1,000 lbs of these minerals results in an = 1,000 lbs of nuclear waste + additional toxic waste. Most of these Rare Earth Minerals were being mined in China until they realized what they were doing to their environment; Now China is using African lands to produce these and pillaging the landscape in Africa. I am not saying wind and solar will never be a good choice, but presently big money backers have invested heavily in wind and solar, and in Rare Earth Mineral mining, so using these minerals is the avenue they are pushing. These are also the same people pushing the End of the World Climate Change scare and accusing the oil & gas industry as the bad guys … JUST PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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Another aspect to consider with renewable energy the loss of revenue conversion to renewables would bring to, in some cases, four levels of government. Mineral owners pay severance tax, ad valorum tax, federal income tax, and depending on where you live, state income tax. Well paid jobs in the industry also pay income taxes. In contrast, in most cases solar and wind energy receive tax credits. So who’s going to make up the lost revenue?

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