Software for tracking oil and gas royalties


Hello Pamela,

I would love information about the package you're using. Please do share.. :)




Hello Adam,

Have you been using MineralSoft? Your thoughts? I too am seeking a web-based accounting software. Been hunting for years for the right, cost-effective model.


Shugi Cassini



Our company is based in Dallas (Frisco actually), is it one of our software solutions? We offer both licensed (installed on your computer system) and ASP (cloud based) systems. ASP, you basically need internet and a printer and you have access from almost anywhere.



Scott / Pam,

I'm interested in finding out more about the software y'all are using. We've inherited numerous wells throughout Texas, Arkansas & Kansas etc. I am in the early stages of finding out what we own / tax we owe etc - it's overwhelming to say the least. I know I need to organize and doing the best I can it but not exactly sure how to go about tracking all the different facets of it!! All the software I've found is super expensive and I'm not even sure what I need.

** I would also be interested in ways to track on a spreadsheet - in the event the software is too expensive. Would anyone out there mind sharing their spreadsheet formula??


TDavis, I am a career software designer/programmer. I can share with you my experience in the oil/gas interest owner/operator software field. In the past, I did develop a Personal Computer (PC) based system for an Interest Owner with some 700 wells but do not support it now. In full disclosure, I do have a website that incorporates most of that PC system. It may help with some of you needs but I don't have enough info to know if it would help.

My advice is to concentrate on what problems/information that you need first, e.g., Well history with tax info, Accounting reports, etc. Who is processing checks, JIBS now ? Is this done by an Accounting Firm? or was it in-house?

Once you know WHAT your needs are, then you can match-up to a website or software to fill those needs. And you may need some professional help to be successful. This is not a easy task for someone in your situation. As to a spreadsheet, it will be undersized for what you described.

Let me know if I can help. I've been there and done that.



I would be interested in beta testing your new software. Thanks


Could you make that available to those of us looking for a good tracking software? Thank you.


Dear Ms Shock,

You are bumping a thread that is 2 years old and the person from which you are requesting a beta version is not a member of this board anymore.

I recommend that you start a new thread with your needs. There are several commercial packages for sale.

Buddy Cotten
Mineral Manager


Thank you Mr. Cotten, I appreciate it.

Gail Shock

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