Software for tracking oil and gas royalties

I'm looking for software that will track the assets like the manual property books do; and track the monthly income by state, county, pipeline, etc. Any one using something they really like? I saw an old posting by Ed about the spreadsheet he used, but the link was no longer available. If you're still out there, would you share again?

I would be interested as well.


I would be interested as well.

thanks Louise

As well as I.


Me too.

Maybe no one has heard of one.

I am in the process of developing a low cost software package for royalty owners. Would anyone care to comment on some features they would find particularly helpful?

Would your software be for Mac, Windows or both?

I would be interested in beta testing it.

Definately for both Mac and PC. We will be looking for beta testers when the time comes. If you might be interested, please let me know.

I would be interesting in testing the software for Mac.

I would be interested in testing software for PC

Dear Mr. Stewart,

You will be hitting a market that needs hitting. Most people are forced into either doing nothing as far as management of assets goes, or use an excel spreadsheet, which is a bit limited by programming language. If your package would be $150 or less, you have hit a great price point, I think.

I have a lot of ideas in a wish list that I would share with you.

Contact me to pursue further.

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As one who has concocted his own spreadsheet(and fell short of the holy grail) a couple of points.

Mineral Interest assets (how to track what is not leased, coming up for lease, hbp, what is not hbp horizontally, vertically, calculates the acreage and tells you what is open when the lease expires per gross acres & net acres)

Lease hold assets (royalty, override interest, pertinent clauses and what they trigger, adjoining acreage your pooled with but have no interest in so your grandchildren know they don't have interest their even though it says that survey on the tax bill they get)

Royalty assets (caculation of pooled units in waterflood or horizontal, tracking of permit to DO so you can harass the oil company when there people don't do the title work properly and leave you out)

As properties are coming up for lease that we have horizontal wells and vertical wells on and vertical severances and horizontal pugh clauses with multiple other clauses in the lease on many tracts it is becoming quite a chore to track.

I would be interested to see what you come up with.

I would also beta test software for Mac; my brother/cousins might be interested in beta test software for PC.

Thanks for all your input. What are people's thoughts on a secure web-based platform versus a downloaded software package?

The web based platform would allow access anywhere from any type of device (including tablets and phones), would allow for easy application updates, and an easier method of interfacing with various data services we will provide. The nature of a web based platform would require it to be subscription based (still low cost though) rather than a one-time purchase.

A software download would be a one time purchase, but would require a subscription to interface with our additional data services. The download could only reside on one machine, would require periodic updates (similar to windows), and would not evolve with time as new features are added.

Form the programming side, the web based platform is much more desireable, but it would be good to hear from the target customer base to hear opinions.

Thanks again for all your input.

Amen about a market that needs hitting.

Very little is worth buying commercially. I test drove some and they were awful.

I would be interested in this software as well.


How is the beta software program progressing? If it is still in the pipeline I would like to be involved. My system is a mac however your thoughts of making it a browser based application sidesteps that issue. Please keep me in the loop. I have a large family field that could be beta tested ASAP.


Mixed feelings about web based vs software download platforms. For web-based my worries are three-fold: 1) who might get access to my information, either intentionally or unintentionally; 2) backup of data; and 3) what happens if you or successor goes out of business and/or the website is suddenly not available... I have nothing to work with and everything invested is gone, I must recreate somehow. For purchased software, of course the periodic updates and ability to use with OS upgrades. If you move on, at least I can continue with what I have even if I have to stick with an outdated computer and don't need to worry about who has my info.

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