So confused! Need help for Pittsburg County Ok


My husband inherited a part in his Dad’s oil holdings. One of his brothers was the executor of the estate and handled the checks and such… well my husband’s family basically doesn’t have contact with him so we have no idea what is going on with the oil wells. Is there any way that we can find out without going through the family?

He received an offer from Herv Oil, but we have no idea whether it’s a good deal or not. We hace no idea how much his Dad owned… we have no idea if he should have royalty money that the family is keeping from him… basically we are in the dark about everything…

Any suggestions on how we can find out how much his Dad owned? If they have been active which should mean my husband is owed money?.. and anything else you might think of.

We live in Kansas so are not local…

I was able to do a search on a website and came across 3 different entries… one was labeled misc. With Jay Petroleum Inc Sec. 29, T7N, R13E… the second was labeled misc with Cyanostar Energy Inc Sec. 20, T7N, R13W… and the third was labeled Oil & Gas Lease with Muirfield Resources Company Sec 20-7-13…

Any help or insight that can help me figure this mess out.


I’m sure if you called the company that offered they would be able to answer your questions. Most companies have more information on production, leases, heirship, etc. and can explain the situation. Have you tried calling them?


The first thing one needs to know is whether there was a probate proceeding or an estate proceeding started in Oklahoma (or any other place). You stated the brother was the executor. Was he the executor appointed by a court, or did he just take over collecting the checks, because the will appointed him the executor. The way the probate is supposed to work is that a probate gets filed, and an executor or personal representative is appointed by the court in Oklahoma. If a probate was started in Oklahoma, the status of the probate is public record. You can go on and look up most court cases filed since 2000. If it is still pending, then he is subject to being removed at this point due to the length of time it is taking. You may need to hire a lawyer or landman in Oklahoma to determine the status of the well(s), whether there is a court case pending, and whether there are additional properties. You should also look at unclaimed property in Oklahoma and Kansas to see if there is any money held by the state in the father’s name.