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My family owns about 10 net acres in Smith County, Texas. We believe we own the minerals and know we own the surface. There is a family home on this property as well. My family has been approached a few times to sell the 10 acres. I am curious if the surface and/or minerals are worth hanging on to for future development? Does anyone know of any future development, whether it be surface or subsurface, in this area?

We would need to know the exact location…Section, Block and/or Abstract # to be able to help you.

The Property Detail from the County Assessor does not provide a section, but it is in Block 03 in the Garden Valley Estate Subdivision.

If possible check the deed to the 10 acres…for sure the exact location will/should be on it. I live in Smith County and there is a Garden Valley, Texas that is about 7 miles West of Lindale, Texas. That may be in the area of the location of this 10 acres.

Looks like this area is west of CR-4141 overlapping abstracts A-337 (I Ellis survey), A-722( W McCoy) & A-1081(P Wade). Area around 32.564N 95.553W in Smith County, TX.

I do not have the deed readily available. I wish I did! This property is north of Garden Valley and Southeast of the Sky Ranch Camp.

This property is actually right on CR-4141.

Smith_RRC_map.pdf (263.5 KB) If upload worked you may be able to see the rough outline of the property on the map. CR-4141 forms the east border in the NW corner of A-337. Property crosses A-1081 and has west border in A-722.

cb.samis…after checking the RR GIS(Geographic Information System) Map I see no production for several miles in any direction.

Thanks, I didn’t see any either. I am curious if you know what surface is going for per acre in the area. Does around $5k/ac sound about right to you?

cb…my opinion of what I saw on the map was there are some nice looking homes in the surrounding area. If the property is fenced that is a plus…the area is not crowded and that is a plus. The property doesn’t seem to be in a flood plain. I would say the low end of price per acre would start out at $8,500 and the high end would be about$10,000 per acre. Land prices are high at this time…good time to sell. It seems to me that land prices have increased about 20% in the last 18 months…I know because I’m in the market for 20-30 acres of undeveloped land.

I appreciate the feedback. This helps me a lot. Is this property too small for you to consider?

I’m looking at buying in the Anderson County- Cherokee County area…I would rather have a larger piece of property of undeveloped land with fewer resident structures in the area(for deer-hog hunting).

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