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Any acitivity in the area? I have interest in Sections 1 and 2-2N-6E. I live out of state.


Lease offer in the mail today for Sec 23, T10N, R14W. Anyone else getting offers?

Haven't had any offers but my interest in Sec. 23, 10N 14W is very, very small. Have other minerals in sections close by however. Will post here if I ever hear from anyone with a lease offer. What kind of offer did you get?

We were just notified we are heirs to mineral rights for property in Smith Co Ms. My great uncle on my fathers side had 6 siblings …he and a sister had no children therefore the rights go to the heirs of this uncles four siblings. My grandfather was one of his brothers …we have 14 heirs from my grandfathers side and I understand 1/4 th rights.i just provided the names, addresses and phone numbers to the person tracking own heirs and it is my understanding he will submit to whomever is wanting to exercise those rights … I don’t have ny of the info and also waiting to be advised the next steps we take to get the rights changed to ournnmesz. Can you advise what type drilling is currently oung on in Smith Co or what/if any is planned ?? Any info ou cn provide is appreciated … Thanks

I am sorry I didn’t proof read before sending … I meant to say :we are waiting o learn the steps of what we need to o to have the records updated in our names.

The land is Section 27, Township 3 North, Range 8 east … We live in Tn … Are you familiar with this property or can you provide any info with this property.I understand we have rights to 30 acres of a 60 acre plot. Thanks

Has anyone had any dealings leasing with Renaissance Petroleum?

Just received a lease offer today for T10N R14W from Savannah Oil & Gas. It has the option of a straight lease or to farmout my interest. There is also a chance of being forced pooled if I don't choose door#1 or door#2. Any ideas on a lease vs a farmout? It is only for an acre or two, so it's not a life or death decision.

Signed a lease for $200 per acre and 18% for T10N R14W and waiting for bonus check.

Another well is being put down in Section 21, and I understand that after the first of the year (2015) another will be drilled there as well as one in Section 22. In August, Sklarco leased our land in Section 23, T10N, R15W.