Small ORRI Henry Higdon #1 Comanche County

My father passed away February , 2016 in Texas. The will was probated in Texas and New Mexico in 2016 and 17. The lawyer sat on the OK probate without my knowledge. so I personally retained an OK lawyer who completed an ancillary probate at the end of January 2020… My question. Who retains an ORRI account in suspense, Apache, who put it in suspense in 2016 because a Texas well was on the same account or the new operator, Red Wolf? These are very small and I wanted to let them go, but I was told that my kids would have to probate mine and my dad’s will in OK, so I chose to do the ancillary probate. The 4 wells net about $40 dollars annually in gas sales. I have spent hours trying to clean this up and we are trying to close out his estate as we are in the 5th year. Thanks for any help.

You can find all the info on the Henry Higdon 1-1 on the OCC well records site listed below. Type in Henry Higdon in the well name line. The well was plugged in 2017 and listed Apache as the operator at that time. Contact both of them and see who is holding the funds. Ask which wells have the ORRI. Look on the check stubs and see if ORRI or RI is on the explanation.

Thank you for the information. I had contacted both Apache and Red Wolf with dad’s ssn and they are claiming that they don’t have anything. I could not find whether it was an RI or ORRI on the check stubs, but could have missed it. I think its probably an ORRI.

If the well was plugged in 2017, there were probably only a few dollars in the account anyway. Try checking the TX state treasurer’s office for unclaimed funds and also the OK state treasurer’s office to make sure there are not any more stray amounts out there. Check Delaware as well since some companies are domiciled in that state. I just looked the well up again and it looks like the last reported production was July 2015, so your Dad probably received all his royalties back then. They just plugged the well two years later.