Slow down in Production and/or pooling?

Has there been a stop, slowing down or pooling? going on in Tyler county? We haven’t heard or received anything since November. Thought had heard about too much produced and price going too low? Know if any truth to this?

I moved this to Tyler County, TX. If you mean WV, let me know.

This IS meant for West Virginia. Don’t understand how Texas came into this?

Your post said Tyler County. There is a Tyler County in Texas as well as West Virginia, so it is important to always post your state in your questions. Moved it into Texas first since it was first in the alphabet. I will move it over to West Virginia for you. Folks there may be able to comment.

Alright, Thank you. Lorna

For Antero, they have slowed down if you read their quarterly report; however, they still plan to develop new wells in 2019.

How can I find the Antero quarterly reports? Thanks!

With prices being so low in the basin, and looking to remain low for a while, companies are drilling a lot less wells. It is the nature of the beast. Once supply and demand get back in line the price will go up and drilling will pick up. Also, companies like Chevron with assets in oil producing plays like the Permian are deploying their capital to those plays as the return on investment is so much higher.

Thank you for responding. I feel as (without going into detail) we have a really good contact, We received out first check in Sept for June and July for 7 wells. And without going into to much detail the check was very very low . Plus with thousands of barrel of condensate being taken out. Hate to get attorneys involved. I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing problems. Thank you again.

FYI Chevron announced today that it was writing down the value of producing properties on their balance sheet. Mainly impacted were their acreage holdings in the Marcellus

Quarterly reports are on the Antero website.