Simple opinion letter of minerals value

For approximate personal net worth purposes, I need a simple “one page” opinion letter of minerals value, not a BIG$$$ geotechnical appraisal everyone wants to sell me, for my small 30 acre share of leased and producing (since 2007) minerals in Rusk County, Texas. It needs to guesstimate “what’s down there” (future, long-term) not just present production (which has collapsed by at least 95% due to the oil price war and COVID19, thus production-based figures are now “worth-less” in more ways than one.)

I have no interest or intent or need to sell, but FWIW I recently received a $260-something-thousand offer to buy, which is obviously production-based. What I need includes guesstimated long-term from guesstimated deposits; just something to “put number on” what I own.

Is this perhaps something that someone on this forum can do for a small fee, or can someone recommend me to someone? Thanks!

See Mineral Valuation on our Mineral Service Providers page.

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Great question! I’ve been curious about any type of evaluation on my mineral rights located in southern Illinois. No idea where to turn for info.

Any information is appreciated!

Jennifer, I belong to a group of mineral appraisers called the International Institute of Mineral Appraisers, IIMA, that has many certified members.

Illinois is a tough state for appraisals because the state itself doesn’t keep track of production records since there isn’t a severance tax. Therefore, most appraisers would rely on your current production.

Hope this helps!


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